Hiddy WordPress plugin

Version 0.2 discontinued. More infos on http://hiddy.etechs.it
Check Hiddy Download Section for new releases.

the author k76

Hiddy v. 0.2 is a captcha like system to prevent from spam comment.

Based on Merlinox’s idea: here more detail

The installation is really simple, just download the copressed file and explode it as it is (with it’s own folder) in the /wp-content/plugins folder.

Then go to the manager and click on Activate link.

This plugin will add a simple input text in the comments form, this text will be hidden with a stylesheet and the when a user post a comment it will check for the input and check if it is empty.

So simple, so efficent.

Download .zip version

Download .rar version

Download .tar version

0.2 Fix bug in edit comment (tnx Shor www.geekissimo.com)
0.1b DonÂ’t show comments that are not approved
0.1a 2007/10/05 Initial release

Thanks to all who sent bug reports and ideas for improvements.
Please send me a mail if I forgot you to mention here.

Hiddy WordPress plugin ultima modifica: 2007-10-04T00:00:00+02:00 da Enrico


  1. Favoloso. Hai coronato un sogno.
    Fantastic. You’ve realized my dream.

  2. lieto d’essere d’aiuto
    happy to be useful

  3. Come gia detto via mail, l’ho prontamente installato su SetFocus, vediamo se e come lavorerŕ, ma conoscendovi, sono certo del buon esito! ;)

  4. orbene, la fase di test č iniziata, nel frattempo ci sono un po’ di suggerimenti che mi frullano in testa giusto per migliorarlo

    [url]http://www.setfocus.it[/url] bello il nuovo Template

  5. Version 0.2 discontinued


    enjoy it