La donna glamour del web? solo su onlyformen!

Partecipo al contest di sballato per vincere la maglietta più sexy del web :)

Ecco la mia scelta: Amber MacArthur

Amber MacArthurAmber MacArthur - Credit:

Amber MacArthur’s background within the tech sector — she has worked for Microsoft and Razorfish, among others — has resulted in the kind of credibility many of her contemporaries would kill for, and it’s hard to imagine a more ideal candidate for our hottest women in tech list. Although she got her start as a reporter on Canada’s CBC, Amber first came to our attention during her stint as the cohost of G4TechTV Canada’s Call for Help. Amber also played a substantial role on the network’s other shows, including Gadgets and Gizmos and Torrent, and became known for a weekly vidcast called “commandN.” Amber can currently be seen on Toronto’s CityTV news broadcast, where she functions as the station’s new-media specialist. At any rate, Amber can’t help but come off as that rare beauty who’s as smart as she is attractive. via AskMen

Ovviamente bionda ed ovviamente geek! :D

On air: Daft punkHarder, Better, Faster, Stronger

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  1. Immagino. Guarda che figata di t-shirt!

  2. many many tnx :)

  3. ho vintoooooooooo!
    hehehe fiko!!!
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